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How to Setup Google Analytics 4 on the Website?

To effectively grow your online business, leveraging Google Analytics as your primary digital marketing tool is essential. Whether you’re using a tailor-made website or a CMS-based website, you will need to set up a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) account. The implementation process is divided into two key stages: creating a GA4 property and integrating it with your website. Let’s dive into the detailed steps involved in each stage.

Creating GA4 Property & Stream:

  • Login to Google Analytics.
  • Click Start measuring.
  • Under Account details enter an Account Name and click Next.
  • Enter the Property Name lock time zone and currency.
  • Click Next and submit your business details.
GA4 Property Creation
GA4 Property
  • Click Create and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Select Web under Choose a platform.
  • Submit your website URL and type a name for the stream
  • Let the Enhanced Measurement option be checked.
  • Click Create Stream.
GA4 Stream
Data Stream Setup

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Integrate GA4 with Google Tag Manager:

  • Open the Google tag manager account
  • Go to Tag and click New.
  • Click Tag Configuration.
  • Select Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration.
  • Enter your Measurement ID (G-XXXXXXXXXX).
  • Keep the Send a page view event when this configuration loads option checked to automatically send pageviews.
  • Click Triggering and select All Pages as the trigger.
  • Click Submit and Publish the GTM container.
Google Tag Manager Connectivity

Integrate GA4 Directly on the Website:

If you do not have Google Tag Manager and you want to integrate GA4 directly on your website. You can do this with the help of your web developer.

Just copy the stream code, an example code below:

Data Stream Code

Send this code to the developer and ask to add this immediately after the <head> element of the website.

You have successfully integrated Google Analytics 4 to your website.


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