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How do Digital Marketers use AI?

Our survey revealed that 64% of marketing professionals incorporate AI tools into their jobs, though the extent and purpose of this integration vary. Only 21% of marketers report extensive integration of AI into their daily workflows.

So, how are they using it? Our research found that the top three uses of AI in digital marketing are:

  • Data analysis/reporting (40% of marketers).
  • Research, such as market research or summarizing articles (39% of marketers).
  • Content creation (38% of marketers).

Let’s delve into the potential applications of AI in digital marketing.

Ways to Use AI in Digital Marketing

Data Analytics

Do you need help to interpret large data sets? While most digital marketing tools offer analytics, marketers often need to export and piece together data from various platforms to see the big picture.

AI can collect and analyze vast amounts of data from multiple marketing platforms, summarizing the findings for you. This saves time when strategizing and developing marketing assets for your campaigns.

Content Creation

Digital marketers can use AI to generate marketing content, including captions, social media posts, email copy, and even blog articles. Beyond writing, AI can assist with multimedia creation, such as images, audio, and video.

It’s essential to note that most AI-generated content is still being prepared for publication. Marketers typically use generative AI as a starting point—providing ideas, outlines, or initial drafts. Only 6% of marketers using AI publish content without changes. Always fact-check, edit, and adjust AI’s output to ensure it sounds human and aligns with your brand.

Content Personalization

Among marketers using AI, 71% say it helps them personalize the customer experience. AI can tailor the customer experience based on their online behavior or previous interactions with your company.

For example, dynamic content can change based on the user’s name, occupation, or online behavior. AI analyzes user activity and delivers a more personalized experience through marketing assets like web pages, social media posts, and emails.

Media Buying

AI is transforming media buying. Rather than manually selecting websites or billboards for ads, ad tech platforms use AI to determine the most effective ad placements, maximizing ROI.

If you use Google Ads, you’re already familiar with AI’s role in the auction process. Standalone AI tools like Pattern89 provide recommendations on ad spend and audience targeting to enhance performance.

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Chatbots, powered by natural language processing (NLP), are a longstanding use of AI in marketing. They can answer common questions, nurture leads, schedule demo calls, and more.

Chatbots personalize the customer journey during the content consumption stage and answer customer queries. For instance, Drift’s chatbot can respond to questions outside of its pre-programmed path, ensuring users receive answers even to unexpected questions.

Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

Automated email marketing is another established AI application. AI tools help create engaging email content and analyze email list behaviors, enabling marketers to spend less time researching and more time crafting successful campaigns.

As AI advances, automated email marketing software becomes increasingly essential in your marketing toolkit.

Predicting Customer Behavior

AI can forecast customer behavior and sales outcomes using historical data, such as engagement metrics, purchases, time-on-page, and email opens.

These predictions allow marketers to understand potential campaign outcomes, helping them develop more effective campaigns that drive sales and improve ROI.

Improving Customer Experience

AI enhances digital marketing by improving customer experience, increasing retention and loyalty, and delivering personalized content. This helps convert visitors into leads and enhances overall customer satisfaction.


AI is a transformative force in digital marketing, offering various benefits that enhance productivity, accuracy, and customer engagement. By integrating AI into their strategies, marketers can streamline processes, make data-driven decisions, and deliver more personalized experiences. As AI technology continues to evolve, its role in digital marketing will only become more critical for staying competitive.


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